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Like all CP products, our portable generators are based on more than a century of construction industry experience. They will give you the power you need, where and when you need it, to get straight to work and get the job done. There is a CP Portable Generator to fit everyone. With two product lines, there is a CPPG that will suit most uses and users, from private residential applications to inner city construction sites and larger developments.

CPPG Standard Line

The CPPG Standard Line offers straightforward gasoline generators with all the features you need for your occasional use built right in. They are designed to deliver stable electrical output and safe, user-friendly operation over a long service life.

CPPG Pro Line

For professionals who need extended generator performance, the CPPG Pro Line offers a reliably powerful performance. From their premium engines and high-quality components to their extended runtime, CPPG Pro Line generators get the toughest jobs done – all day, every day. With the Professional, Advanced and Advanced+, three Pro Line ranges are available to meet the widest spectrum of professional construction needs.

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BMI has created three specific trading entities with dedicated, focused and specilised knowledge applied to each sector.

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