BMI Data Analytics

BMI has a well established data analytics department that delivers daily reports on data analyzed from the site. The reports are furnished to the client, directors and site managers on a daily basis. These reports are aligned to report on the data requirements of the client.

Meters Drilled

  • Meters drilled per drill dig per day
  • Meters per hole drilled
  • Total holes drilled
  • Re-drilled holes
  • Reconciled meters per month for invoicing
  • Rock-type materials drilled per meter
  • Planned meters per rig per month
  • Planned meters and Actual drilled meters
  • Meters drilled per block
  • Total block drilled

Engine Hours

  • Engine hours per rig per day
  • Monthly engine hours per rig, and combined
  • Penetration rate (engine hours vs meters drilled)
  • Start and stop times
  • Productive and non-productive hours
  • Tramming Hours

Percussion Hours

  • Percussion hours per rig per day
  • Monthly percussion hours per rig and combined
  • Instantaneous penetration rate (percussion hours vs meters drilled)
  • Drilling start and stop times

Maintenance Hours

  • Breakdown hours per rig per day
  • Monthly breakdown hours
  • Breakdown reason per hour
  • Maintenance hours done on a rig
  • Maintenance schedule and history
  • Record of down time vs up time
  • Available hours
  • Utilization hours