BMI Drilling Services

The BMI Group has many years of experience in the mining and civils industry. We provide a professional honest service. We specialize in the field of down the hole drilling, opening aspects within a variety of different drilling projects.

Blasthole Drilling

An in-depth inspection of the area will be done in order to gather the required information. The holes depths and diameter will be measured and plans will be drawn up to ensure effective preparation for the project. Once all plans are finalized, we will proceed to drill the holes according to the predetermined diameter and depth before packing the holes with explosives.

Exploration Drilling

We are experts in the field of exploration. Using our machinery, we survey known deposits as well as the surrounding areas to find high-value potential in the land. Once analyzed, we can proceed with further drilling operations.

Borehole Drilling

Using high-pressure water, we allow safer passage for mining to take place. In areas that may be dangerous or simply inaccessible, we have the equipment and experience to make these areas available to you. This drilling method can be used for a variety of different instances.


Reducing the amount of solid rock in the area with the use of explosives. This allows us to clear the area of unused minerals and build a foundation for further, quality drilling.

Load & Haul

Our working areas are always kept clean and accessible. Our hauling service ensures efficiency in the environment.


We are actively drilling on two main sites:

Our Head Office is located in Bloemfontein. We initiate projects in a variety of areas throughout South Africa as well as Lesotho.